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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Make sure you review the following for tomorrow's test:

Unit 6

Grammar: will/won't, first conditional.
Vocabulary: Time and numbers, adjectives personality.

Unit 7

Grammar: Imperatives, be going to, be going to vs. will, present continuous for future arrangements.
Vocabulary: Sports, compound nouns.

Unit 8

Grammar: Present perfect, "ever"

NO vocabulary from this unit but make sure you review irregular verbs SPECIALLY those appearing in page n. 64 (exercise 1 and 2) of your workbooks, or vocabulary 1 in your digital books, as well as the following participles related to vocabulary 2 in the digital book or page 66 n1 and 2 of your workbooks:

Infinitive  past      participle
Burn         Burnt   Burnt
Break       Broke   Broken
Bite          Bit        Bitten

Infinitive- Past & Participle
Bruise- Bruised
Injure- Injured
Sprain- Sprained

If you want to take some practice on the grammar and vocabulary you may do the following Review pages of your workbooks:

Unit 6 page 54,55 (except 7,8)
Unit 7 page 62, 63(except 7,8)
Unit 8 page 70,71 (except 6,7)

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